Forever Lighting

Forever Lighting

All Exterior Solutions Inc proudly introduces a retail and installation service for Shimmer Trim - an innovative step forward in lighting solutions. Let’s experience the revolution in lighting that caters to every unique need and preference. We sell high-end lighting and deliver an installation service that warrants a one-of-a-kind customized ambiance to suit your special occasions. Our Shimmer Trim's lighting solutions are perfect for any decor, providing a modern, elegant look to any space. Whether you’re looking for a subtle accent or a bold statement piece, our Shimmer Trim is the ideal choice for you.

Our remarkable three-diode RGB lights allow you to independently adjust colors, brightness, and even patterns via a user-friendly app, thereby giving your space a unique personalized touch. Our Shimmer Trim is strategically designed in six different color variants to seamlessly blend in with your decor. It masks all visible wires, offering a neat undercover look when the lights are off, mandating minimal maintenance, and maximizing the safety of your lighting system. Our installation service ensures that the superior quality LED lights, designed to last for over 20 years and covered by a 5-year warranty, are meticulously placed to suit your preferred style and decor. By choosing our installation service, you are signing up for a world of radiantly vivid colors, personalized ambiance, and an unmatched warranty-backed lifespan. Enjoy the future of lighting with Shimmer Trim and give your surroundings the dazzling makeover they deserve.

We also understand and cater to the satisfaction of enhancing your own space; hence, we offer DIY kits for those who wish to install the lighting themselves. These kits come complete with comprehensive instructions and all the necessary components for a smooth self-installation process.

Shimmer Trim prides itself on its customer-centric and aims to provide complete lighting satisfaction to all its clients. Our services are designed for those who wish to break away from the confines of standard lighting and add a touch of personal flair to their environment. Contact All Exterior Solutions Inc, you’ll have the perfect lighting solution for any situation.

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