Tile Roofing
Tile Roof Repair and Installation

Building Your Roof With Tile

When it comes to roofing, tile is a great option. Tile roofing is durable and can last for many years. It is also relatively easy to install, which can help to ensure a quick installation process, especially if you are working with a roofing professional. If you are thinking about installing a new roof on your home, tile can be a great choice for many different reasons. And if you are seeking tile roof installation or tile roof repair in Denver, CO, we can be there to lend a hand. Just give us a call at 720-255-3029 to learn more.

Expert Tile Roof Repair or Installation

Tile roofing is a great option for many different reasons, though its durability remains the biggest benefit it has to offer. On average, concrete tile roofing can last for upwards of 50 years. Meanwhile, clay tile roofing has been known to last for upwards of 100 years. Of course, a roof can only last this long when it has received the proper attention over the years, including repairs when necessary.

Like any roofing material, tile roofs will eventually need repairs. Some signs that a tile roof may be in need of repair include broken tiles or cracked tiles. You may notice problems such as water spots and leaks even if there are no obvious signs of damage to your roof. If left unrepaired, these problems can lead to major water damage to your home as well as the need for a new tile roof. In this case, you may find yourself seeking out a tile roof replacement.

The Benefits of Clay and Concrete Tile

Clay tile remains one of the most popular roofing options, due to its longevity as well as its classically beautiful appearance. Homes that have a clay tile roof installed often enjoy an increase in value as well, something that can make a clay tile roof a terrific investment. Clay tile roofs are typically made from natural materials, which helps to give them their beautiful appearance while also making them an environmentally friendly choice when compared to many other types of roofing.

Concrete tile roofing is another popular option for those looking for a roof that will last. Because of its concrete composition, it is a very durable choice. It can also be a more cost-effective choice when compared to clay tile roofing while still offering many of the same great benefits, including a stylish exterior for your home.

Unfortunately, as durable and high-quality as both of these roofing options are, the damage is still possible. Some of the most common types of damage experienced by tile roofing systems are cracking and breaking. These problems can occur for a number of reasons, such as severe weather conditions or debris falling on the roof. When this happens, you will need to seek out tile roof repair in order to avoid more serious damage to your entire roofing system and your home. In particularly severe cases, a tile roof replacement may be necessary to prevent problems.

Get Help With Your Roof

Our team can be there to help no matter what kind of tile you want for your home, or what kind of tile you currently have for your home’s roof. We provide a full range of residential roofing and commercial roofing services, including tile roof repair when your roof has experienced damage, tile roof replacement for those who want to revamp their roof, and tile roof installation for those seeking to upgrade to this incredible roofing option. We’re ready to help you learn more about what makes tile roofing different.

If you think tile might be the right choice for your home, reach out to our team. We provide tile roof repair in Denver, CO and the surrounding areas of Colorado, in addition to our high-quality roof installation and roof replacement services. If you’re ready to schedule roofing services with our team, give us a call at 720-255-3029.

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