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Silicone Roof Coatings

A Superior Roofing Option

Silicone roof coatings are a great option for those looking for protection from the elements, as they can help to protect your roof from the wind, rain, snow, and other elements. Silicone roof coatings can help to extend the lifespan of your current roofing system by upwards of a decade, making them a particularly smart investment for many business owners. If you’re interested in silicone roof coatings in Denver, CO or in the surrounding area, our team can be there to lend a hand. Reach out to All Exterior Solutions Inc today by calling 720-255-3029 to learn more about this roofing option.

The Benefits of Silicone Roof Coatings

Roof coatings are a great way to protect your roof from the elements and extend its lifespan. Silicone roof coatings offer additional benefits that other types of roof coatings do not, something that has led to their increasing popularity over the years. In addition to great longevity, they offer roofing systems a great boost in their overall durability.

A silicone coating application can also help to keep your building cooler in the summer months and reflect sunlight away from your roof, helping to reduce energy costs for your building. Silicone roof coatings are also notable for being able to resist the growth of mold and mildew, for withstanding high winds without damage, and for providing superior protection from leaks.

It’s important to work with a professional for a silicone coating application. The first step in the application process is to clean the roof surface to prepare it for the coating. From there, your roofing contractor will provide assistance with any repairs that need to be done to get your roof back into the best shape possible. Once the roof is clean and repairs are completed, a primer should be applied to help the silicone roof coating adhere better. When this is all done, the roof coating will be applied.

Learn How Silicone Roof Coatings Benefit You

If you are interested in the application of silicone roof coatings in Denver, CO or in the surrounding area of Colorado, the All Exterior Solutions Inc team can be there for you. We also offer assistance with acrylic roof coatings and elastomeric coatings. Give us a call at 720-255-3029 to learn more.

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